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New for the 2023 breeding season we are very excited to be able to offer Australian & New Zealand breeders this very exciting young stallion.

"An incredible young stallion destined 

for big things in both sport and breeding" 

cera Callebeau Z

Cera Callebeau Z - tall, dark & handsome - such an incredible athlete with a very promising future in sport . 

Callebeau - as his name suggests - a fine Belgian chocolate - is a remarkable young stallion. He has everything ...

Stunning good looks

Incredible elastic athleticism & good movement

Remarkable brain and nature

Exceptional heritage - proven jumping genetics

The jump - well wait till you see it!

Cera Callebeau Z

Born 2020

Currently 16.1hh

Cera Callebeau Z pedigree.png

Sire: Clarimo

Successful at 1.60m himself and already the sire of many successful 1.60m horses 

Diarado 2.jpeg

Dam sire: Diarado

Champion stallion, already sire of over 40 internationally successful 1.60-1.70m horses

C - Steffra 

By Clarimo from the same direct dam line as Cera Callebeau Z. C - Steffra is highly successful at 1.60m in Europe with recent results including placing 3rd in the World Cup in Geneva in December 2022, jumping clear in the 1.60m Global Champions Tour of Doha in March as well as being part of the winning Nation's Cup team at Aachen in June 2023.

Cera Callebeau Z is not only exceptional himself, he has exceptional genetics. His sire Clarimo was successful himself at 1.60m internationally and has produced many 1.60m offspring. Dam sire Diarado was champion of his licensing and despite a busy breeding career was successful to 1.50m. He has already sired over 40 horses which are successful at 1.60m-1.70m level. 

Grand dam sire Carinjo was highly successful at 1.60m with the fast Frenchman Patrice Delaveau with countless wins at major 1.60m Grand Prix's around Europe and has sired many 1.60m show jumpers himself.

Callebeau's dam line is outstanding, with 4 generations of mares producing horses which are internationally successful to at least 1.55m level! His mothers oldest siblings are successful internationally at 1.55m and 1.50m already! 

Excellent quality proven frozen semen


We await the arrival of his first foals due this season with great anticipation

Please contact Kerri for further information

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