Vision: To produce equine performance athletes of international calibre, willing partners with superior movements and natural jumping ability, excellent temperaments and soundness

Kerri Parker - Director

Although I was born into a non-horsey family I carried the horse bug from an early age. During my younger years I competed in dressage, showjumping and eventing. Unfortunately several injuries and poor health prevented me from continuing in the saddle competitively, so I followed my driving passion for showjumping by focusing on breeding and producing showjumping horses which will be competitive on the international stage. I spent years studying the pedigrees of the most successful horses in the world. One thing was immediately apparent - that there are very few showjumpers that have been successful at the highest level that have come about by accident. Most of the top horses are purpose bred and virtually ALL have siblings or close relations in their dam lines which are also successful in top sport. Taking this on board I promptly realised that it was not possible to breed competitive 1.60m horses from your average mare, nor from a family of proven 1.40m horses. With this in mind I have sought the very best mares from top sport families around the world. All successful at 1.60m level. 


Our sire and dam lines carry proven world class performance bloodlines including such greats as Alme Z, Askari, Acord II, Better Boy xx, Blue Peter xx, Calando IV, Calato, Caletto I & II, Calypso I & II, Capitol I, Caretino, Carinjo, Carolus I, Carthago Z, Casall Ask, Cascavelle, Cassini I & II, Catoki, Clearway, Colman, Contender, Cor de la Bryere, Coriander, Corrado I, Diamant de Semilly, Diarado, Farnese, Fernando, Jalisco B, Ladykiller xx, Landgraf I, Lakai, Lavall, Lord, Marlon xx, Quidam de Revel, Ramiro, Rasputin, Silvano N, Sir Gaylord xx & Sir Tristram xx.  We predominatly use frozen semen from the best stallions in the world and understand the importance of the actual mating rather than just breeding with fashionable stallions.


Holsteiners have dominated the World Breeding Federation rankings for years (decades) now. Interestingly other studbooks such as KWPN, Oldenburg etc all have very high proportions of Holsteiner blood. In keeping with our goal of breeding the best horses in the world, we breed Holsteiner horses! Our mares decend from the following Holsteiner Stamms (families) 242, 318d2, 2004, 4965, 7126 and 8798. 


It doesn’t just stop at genetics. Special attention is placed on nutrition, handling and training. All horses are brought up on carefully managed diets and graze improved pastures. They are raised in spacious undulating paddocks with horses of similar ages to ensure they develop good bone, muscle and natural balance as well as the necessary social skills. From us you can purchase an un-spoilt purpose bred foal or youngster knowing it has the breeding and correct foundations to enable you to follow your dreams, however ambitious they may be. 

All of this would not be possible without my support crew, my husband Richo and son Jake.  

  Our horses are given the best possible start in life - the rest is up to you 

Below are some of the horses we have bred

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