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~~ The Mare Matters ~~

Kerri Parker - Director

Although I was born into a non-horsey family I carried the horse bug from an early age. During my younger years I was competitive in the saddle. Unfortunately several injuries and poor health prevented me from continuing in the saddle competitively, so I followed my driving passion for showjumping by focusing on breeding and producing showjumping horses which will be competitive on the international stage.


I spent years studying the pedigrees of the most successful horses in the world. One thing was immediately apparent - that there are very few showjumpers that have been successful at the highest level that have come about by accident. Most of the top horses are purpose bred and virtually ALL have siblings or close relations in their dam lines which are also successful in top sport. Taking this on board I promptly realised that it was not possible to breed competitive 1.60m horses from your average mare, nor from a family of proven 1.40m horses. With this in mind I have sought the very best mares from top sport families around the world. All successful at 1.60m level. 


Focusing on the mare right from the beginning has really paid off and despite only breeding a few foals each season, Cera Performance Horses has horses winning major Grand Prix Showjumping competitions all over the world! Of course this would not be possible without fantastic owners and riders giving the horses these wonderful opportunities. I do very much believe it takes a village to raise and produce a good horse, from vets to farriers, trainers, grooms, owners and riders. I have however learnt over the years that you may as well start with the very best possible as it is extremely disappointing for an owner/rider to put 4 years of training and money into a horse to find it cannot do the job, ie it can only jump 1.40m, not 1.60m. Showjumping is breeding... and Kerri Parker of Cera Performance Horses is proud to be one of the leading showjumping breeders in Australia. 

We have bred champion young horses right through to horses winning CSI 5* Grand Prix around the globe!


It doesn’t just stop at genetics. Special attention is placed on nutrition, handling and training. All horses are brought up on carefully managed diets and graze improved pastures. They are raised in spacious undulating paddocks with horses of similar ages to ensure they develop good bone, muscle and natural balance as well as the necessary social skills.


From us you can purchase an un-spoilt purpose bred foal or youngster knowing it has the breeding and correct foundations to enable you to follow your dreams, however ambitious they may be. 

  Our horses are given the best possible start in life - the rest is up to you 

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