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Naskari de Reve

Brown stallion, born 2014 by Nabab de Reve

licensed in Europe. Awarded a perfect 10 for free jumping at his stallion licensing

Naskari right.jpg
Naskari left.jpg

Cera Ducati

Brown stallion, born 2015 by Diamant de Semilly

Licensed in Australia with AWHA. 

Ducati as foal .jpg
Ducati eating.jpg

First time free jumping

Cera Caskari

Grey filly, born 2016 by Clearway

Caskari as new foa;.jpg
Caskari as foal grazing.jpg
Caskari as foal.jpg
Caskari 2.jpg
Caskari 1.jpg
Caskari 5.jpg
Caskari 3.jpg
Caskari 4.jpg

Cera Quintera

Black filly, born 25 December 2017 by Quintero


Quintera foal.jpg
Quintera foal 4.jpg
Quintera foal 3.jpg
Quintera foal 7.jpg
Quintera foal 6.jpg
Quintera foal 5.jpg

Black colt, born 28 December 2018 by Casall

Was born 7 weeks premature. 

Jenga first born.jpg

Bay colt at foot, born 3rd Jan 2020 by Casall

Casall x Askari 6.jpg
Casall Askari 10.jpg
Casall Askari 12.jpg
Casall x Askari 7.jpg
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